Sunday, March 24, 2013

Creativity with Food

Melukis di atas piring? Terdengar unik, kan? Itulah yang dilakukan Hong Yi, seorang wanita yang menciptakan kreasi di atas piring dengan bahan-bahan makanan. Mau tau seperti apa? Here they are!

watermelon boat on a sea of pips

a tiny garden with a lemon sun

 'all you need is love...' cherry tomato balloons

 'sonny, if anything, just stay far far away from colonel sanders'

hokusai's 'the great wave' in sushi

edvard munch's 'the scream'

 'campbell's tomato soup!' ...made of ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and oyster sauce!

 I found 4 dogs in my oreos! red says this was probably the trickiest one so far

 tiger made of chopped carrots, white radish and prunes

 'banksy on my plate!' made from nori and apple

 'arctic melting'

' giant squid attack!' made from squid and squid ink!

 'the three little pigs - part 1'

 'the three little pigs - part 2'
 'the three little pigs - part 3'

 'cucumber landscapes'


Mau tau proses pembuatannya? Ini dia..

 'saw a dragon in my dragon fruit today!'


Gimana? Anda tertarik mencobanya? Atau anda jadi dapat inspirasi baru untuk menciptakan suatu kreasi tersendiri??

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