Monday, August 1, 2011

Missing Grandma so much!

Last night I remembered my late grandma suddenly.
Then I cried. I really really miss her so much.
I missed everything in her. I missed to hug her when I wanted to sleep.
I mssed when she cooked me various meals.
I missed when she learned me how to sew.

But, she had too possesive.
Even though she never angry to me,
but I feel now her possessiveness make me weaker to face world!
And I really need her. I need her support, need her in every situation and condition.
Poor me!

Now, I'm just alone!
I really regret when she was still alive and she became senile, I always angry with her.
I didn't want to sleep with her anymore. I forgot her!
God, forgive me!
Grandma, forgive me!
I really regret with what I've ever done to you!
I'm not a good granddaughter.
But you always my best grandma in my heart.

Now, I cry again remembering you always!
I really miss you grandma!
Forgive me, please!
Give me a strong heart to face the world without you.
And pray me to be better as long as I live in this world.

Love you, grandma!

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